2008 Fall: Anatomy of Wholeness

presented by Babette Lightner

Sunday, October 12, 2008
1:30pm – 5:30pm
Salon of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA

** Pre-registration is strongly encouraged as there is limited seating at this event.**

This workshop presents a new model for understanding human structure and function and the implications of this model for singing and teaching singing

SFBAC NATS is thrilled to bring Babette to San Francisco to share this exciting research (based on anatomist and master teacher, David Gorman.) Those of us who attended the Rhode Island NATS 2007 summer workshop where she was a presenter felt exhilarated after her sessions there.

In addition to the Sunday workshop, Babette will be available on Saturday for private or semi-private sessions at $80 per hour. These will talk place in Redwood City.  For more information, contact Sue Field at mezzo54@comcast.net.

References for Babette Lightner, Stones in Water – Movement Education and Learning Methods
“My teaching has been revolutionized by what I learned from you.” She gave a student who had “severe problems with performance anxiety and negative thinking” some written material from that workshop. “At her last voice lesson, I was teaching a new person.”

“I can safely say I have never felt so fantastic in my teaching: nor have I ever felt so able to facilitate some exciting self-discovery for people as I do this year. Honestly, I have never seen such progress in my students at such a rate. They are just on top of the world.”

Please visit Babette’s informative website for more information, www.babettelightner.com