2008 Singing Festival Letter from Sharon Kaye, President SFBAC NATS

Dear SFBACNATS Members!

What a wonderful Singing Festival we had on March 15th. Our thanks to Alan Shearer, gracious host at California State University East Bay – Hayward. We appreciate all the logistical work you do to make an event like this run smoothly. Again, many thanks to April McNealy, who stepped in and orchestrated this huge event with only two months time and kept everything running like clockwork. Thanks also to the Board Members there and working all day: Dorothy Barnhouse, Joshua Elder, Sue Field, Diana Rae Ryan and of course April.

And now a thanks to all of you for your work and efforts. We had 25 teachers in attendance (working) and 165 student participants. Our two newest chapter members, Marina Lynch and Justin Montigne, jumped right in. Welcome Aboard! Everyone was ready for the day and excited to be there. The calm beginning arranged by April really set the mood and continued throughout the day. Congratulations to all of you for the evidence of good teaching in your students’ performances. Thank you for all of your efforts in their behalf. Each division showed the progression of learning happening in your studios. This is one of the best festivals I have attended.

A change to this year’s recital, to be fairer for all, the winner of each division sang one piece. There were truly wonderful singers and growth evident in each progressing division. The recital provided the perfect end to a fabulous festival. The teachers in attendance adjudicated and were happy to award the Barlow Award, the Emerging Artist and the Cohen Award to three very deserving singers this year. They are listed in the attached program. After Audrey Howitt, Treasurer, determines the net profit from the entry fees, the board will be able to determine the monetary award to each division winner. I have attached program modified with results which will be posted to the website soon and appear in the next newsletter.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for a wonderful day of singing. I hope we are all invigorated and inspired to continue in the quest of beautiful singing. Bravi tutti!!

Sharon Kaye
President, SFBACNATS