Student Recital Comments

“I was very pleased with the recital and felt a great sense of satisfaction after it was all over. I definitely want to make this a new tradition and will book next year’s date. It wasn’t as much work as I thought. We really need another teacher to start another recital here in the East Bay! “
– Victoria Rapanan

“Even though I’m a relatively recent member of NATS, I started getting my students involved in the NATS-sponsored performing venues as soon as possible. Not only do these recitals provide invaluable performing experience for them, but it seems that there’s a special cachet in their minds in connection with NATS events–that they somehow have a deeper realization of being part of, along with many others, the great and illustrious Western vocal heritage, and an organization devoted to its service and propagation.
Thanks, NATS!”
– Vaida Falconbridge

“I have always had a secret desire to sing. Now that I am 45, I am finally doing it. Having a place ot sing in front of others is important. I love to sing along, but to give my ego up and sing as a gift to others is really a great thing… I hope I can continue to look forward to sharing these beautiful songs with others… after all, the music is what we are all here for right?”
– Diane Aurelis

“What a thrill to hear and be among my late blooming contemporaries! I am a middle aged man, and feel blessed to have found a teacher of the SFBAC NATS which provides us late blooming devotees a   venue!”
– Sulpicio Mariano

“I didn’t begin to sing until I was 57, and as I have gained confidence I’ve wanted to sing for other people. The “Late Bloomers” concert gave me this chance. I could work toward doing my best, get the fun of performing in a very relaxing setting, and be able to hear other singers who have come late to singing, for the pure joy of it.”
– Linda Johnson

“I am grateful for the Late Bloomers program as it was my very first time singing a solo. I was quite anxious about doing it, but when I was actually in the room with my fellow sympathetic students, I was able to relax and enjoyed the event immensely.”
– Jocelyn Bergen