Article I – Name 
The name of this organization is the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (referred to as SFBAC) of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (referred to as NATS).

Article II – Purpose 
The purpose of the SFBAC is to
• support the profession of teaching of singing in the San Francisco Bay Area
• provide meetings for discussion of matters relevant to the profession
• provide performance and audition experience for singers
• promote interest and stimulate participation in the national program of NATS

Article III – Chapter Membership 
Members of the national organization of NATS are eligible to become members of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NATS. Such NATS members shall be admitted to membership in the SFBAC upon payment of Chapter dues as determined by the Board of the SFBAC.

Article IV – Officers of the Board 
• President
• Vice President, Programs
• Vice President, Singing Festival
• Vice President, Student Recitals
• Newsletter Editor
• Membership Secretary
• Correspondence Secretary
• Recording Secretary
• Treasurer
• Webmaster
• Any Regional or National Officer of NATS is an ex-officio officer of the SFBAC Board.

Duties of Officers of the Board
• oversee all activities of the Chapter
• conduct all meetings of the Chapter and of the Board
• represent the Chapter at official functions at all levels as approved by the Board
• maintain communication with the state, regional and national organizations of NATS and keep the SFBAC informed of their relevant activities and decisions

Vice President, Programs 
• plan and carry out programs and public events for the benefit of the members, their students, and the community
• engage members to help with the programs

Vice President, Recitals
• plan the frequency and location of student recitals
• engage members to be recital coordinators and help them with the recitals

Vice President, Singing Festival 
• plan and oversee an annual Singing Festival for the students of Chapter members
• engage members to help with the Festival

Membership Secretary 
• maintain an up-to-date record of member contact information
• publish an annual membership directory

Correspondence Secretary
• coordinate with the Webmaster and Newsletter Editor in the distribution of information to the members
• contact those without Internet access

Recording Secretary
• keep minutes of all meetings of the Chapter and send them to the Webmaster and Newsletter Editor for distribution to members
• receive via any method set by the Board the ballots of members unable to attend the Annual Meeting

• record all moneys received by the Chapter
• prepare regular financial reports relating to all Chapter funds and accounts
• disburse funds at the direction of the Board

Newsletter Editor
• solicit and collect articles of interest to the members
• publish and distribute newsletters

• update and maintain the Chapter website
• archive all Chapter business and activities on the website

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, all officers shall
• hear the professional needs and concerns of individual Chapter members
• send the Webmaster electronic copies, for the archive, of Chapter business and activities relating to their offices
• work with the Board and SFBAC members to cover Board vacancies and additional duties that may arise

Article V – Decision Making Processes
• A decision may be made when a quorum of the Board has voted.
• A simple majority will determine the outcome, except for financial decisions. (See Article VI)
• The Board’s consultation and voting may take place by any method set by the Board.
• In the event of a tie vote, the vote of the President (who otherwise has no vote) shall break the tie.
• Dates and places of all board meetings are publicized in the Newsletter and on the Website.
• All members are encouraged to attend.
• All actions of the Board are publicized to the members within 2 weeks via the Newsletter and the Website.

The Board shall honor member requests for a referendum on any action of the Board, according to the following process:
• A written request for a referendum on a specific decision or action of the Board, signed by any 5 members, shall be sent to the Board.
• Within 2 weeks, the Board shall send all SFBAC members material for the referendum containing – a statement by the Board giving the reason for the decision or action,
– a statement by the challengers giving their reasons for disagreement.
• The members shall vote within 3 weeks of the distribution of the referendum material via any method set by the Board.
• The decision being challenged shall remain in effect until a majority vote of the members has been returned. A majority vote of all SFBAC members shall be final. This shall be understood to mean a majority of all members, not a majority of those voting.

Article VI – Finances 
• Only the Treasurer and the President may withdraw funds from Chapter accounts.
• Funds may be paid to Officers of the Board to reimburse expenses for routine execution of their duties as described in the Bylaws and approved by the Board.
• Other expenditures must be unanimously approved by the full Board.
• SFBAC members may not be paid fees for services to the Chapter.

Article VII – Meetings 
Board meetings shall be held at times to be determined by the President, guided by the opinion of the Board. Two-thirds of the Board shall constitute a quorum. An Annual Meeting shall be held in May, June or July.

Article VIII – Elections
• Elections are held once every 2 years.
• Nominations for Officers of the Board are invited from all members.
• Members may nominate themselves.
• Nominations, sent to any member of the Board, should be received at least 2 weeks before the Annual Meeting.
• Ballots will be sent to all members at least one week before the Annual Meeting.
• Members unable to attend the Annual Meeting may send their ballots in any method as set by the Board, to the Recording Secretary to arrive no later than 48 hours before the Annual Meeting.
• The Recording Secretary will bring these to the Annual Meeting to be tallied together with votes from those present.

Article IX – Term Limits
• The length of each term of each office is 2 years.
• The President is restricted to a maximum of 2 consecutive terms (4 years).
• All other officers may be re-elected to serve multiple consecutive terms in the same office, or in different offices; however officers will offer their resignations after 4 terms (8 years) of service on the Board, which resignations the Board may accept or reject.
• Retiring officers remain as active advisors (with no vote) to the Board for one year after retirement.
• A member who has not been on the Board for 2 years is eligible for re-election.

Article X – Amendments to the Bylaws 
These Bylaws may be amended according to the following process:
• A written motion to amend, signed by any 5 members, shall be sent to the Board.
• Within 2 weeks, the Board shall send all SFBAC members the proposed amendment.
• Members shall vote after a minimum 3 week discussion period via any method set by the Board.
• Votes must be received by a date and time set by the Board, at least two weeks after the discussion period.
• An amendment will pass by a 2/3 vote of the members. This shall be understood to mean 2/3 of all the members, not 2/3 of those who vote.

Amendments: November 1984, May 1986, May 2001, June 2008