Recital questions?
Ask Emily Sinclair, Vice President of Recitals

To apply to sing on a recital:

1) Click here to view our student recital guidelines.

2) Contact the recital coordinator for your specific date. You must receive confirmation from the recital coordinator before filling out the online application and payment.

3) Click here to complete the online recital registration form.

4) Click below to pay the $35 fee, which goes toward the accompanist’s fee, and any venue costs.

Why NATS student recitals?

Teacher supported student recitals provide a valuable forum for developing singers.  Students work hard throughout the year to improve their technique and become better performers.  Our recitals are opportunities for them to hone performing skills and share their joy of singing with an appreciative audience.  Recitals provide specific goals to work toward, which inspire and focus them. All of our concerts are free and some take place in retirement community venues, providing entertainment and enrichment to those who might not otherwise have the ability or means to attend a recital.  SFBAC NATS, while giving something to our students, is also giving to the community.

Recital Q&A – What’s involved?

  • Where are recitals held? Retirement Homes, churches, clubhouses, your own home, or any medium sized gathering space with a decent piano and parking.
  • Venue rental? There are many wonderful venues available at no charge. We have also found that many organizations have a small budget for in-house concerts. These fees help offset recital costs, leaving more money in our treasury for Festivals, Symposiums and scholarship awards. SFBAC NATS also has a small budget for venue rental, as necessary.
  • How many people attend? Audience varies, depending on the venue. Some are smaller and more intimate settings with family and friends, while others may advertise to reach more people. One of our venues advertises the recital in the local newspaper and regularly attracts approximately 100 audience members.
  • Who is eligible? Any student of a NATS teacher, regardless of age, from younger singers to advanced levels. These recitals do not replace the teacher’s studio recital, so some prior performance experience is advised. Use your teacher’s discretion regarding readiness to sing on a public recital. It is a perfect way for our developing singers to gain performance exposure before an appreciative audience, and for advanced singers to perfect audition or competition repertoire. It is also a wonderful opportunity for students to hear different singers from other studios.
  • How many singers per program, etc.? Usually 8 singers per recital. Preferably no more than 2 students per studio, and singers should perform in these programs only once per year (Sept-June) to ensure fair opportunities for all. Exceptions can be made if more singers are needed for the program.
  • Repertoire? Anything from pop to opera and oratorio. Many students offer musical theater as well as art song or opera in their set.
  • Time allowed/student? 8 minutes, including any spoken introduction. This is based on an average participation of 8 students.
  • Average recital length? 60-70minutes with no intermission.
  • Who pays for the pianist and room rental (if applicable)? SFBAC NATS covers these expenses.
  • Programs and printing? In most cases the sponsoring teacher will both write and print the program, with the printing paid for by SFBAC NATS. However, one of our regular venues provides program copies for us free of charge, so it doesn’t hurt to inquire.
  • Pianist? Provided by NATS.
  • Student fee? $35/student
  • Admission? FREE
  • How can I participate? Contact Emily Sinclair, Vice President – Recitals

Late Bloomers Recital Information

The Late Bloomers recital is designed for singers who began their vocal study later than the age of 35, who do not aspire to professional solo singing careers, but who are studying for personal pleasure and vocal improvement. If you are interested in coordinating a Late Bloomers Recital, please email me. It would be ideal to have at least two a year. For upcoming Late Bloomer Recitals, continue to check back on the upcoming recitals page.